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Hurry!! Which equation results from applying the secant and tangent segment theorem to the figure? 12(a + 12) = 102 10 + 12 = a2 10(a + 10) = 122 10(12) = a2 Download jpg

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on October 6, 2018

The secant and tangent theorem states: If a tangent segment and a secant segment are drawn to a circle from an exterior point, then the square of the measure of the tangent segment is equal to the product of the measures of the secant segment external secant segment. In the figure the tangent line and the EA is the secant .Applying the Theorem, we have: BD.AB=A^{2} Substituting the values of figure 10(a+10)=12^{2}

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