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How would you evaluate the statement that the bible is a textbook containing many religious truths?

Kyle Mckinney

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James Washington on July 16, 2018

I would say that the statement is accurate: the Bible is a book of text forreligion. It is NOT a history book (it only teaches the history of a particular religion, and is not neutrall about the way in which thestory is told), nor is it a science book (in Bible times, what weknow today about disease, mental illness, birth control, theenvironment, etc was unknown, or in the very early stages of knowledge).The Bible is primarily a book that reveals the truths thatbelievers of a particular religion are expected to share. The Bible teaches religious ethics, which teaches about the foundersof Judaism and Christianity, and teaches him the customs and ritualsof worship. It teaches how each religious faith (Judaism in theHebrew Bible Old Testament; Christianity in the New Testament)originated and grew. And those who study the Bible can gainvaluable points of view about what God requires of them, how their faithshould be practiced, and how the teachings of the Bible contains can be applied to real-life situations.

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