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How will I get some better person quotes?

Help me get some better person quotes. I have decided to upgrade my life. This idea of being last in everything is not doing me any good. From now on I will be first at something no matter what it takes. This will happen either at my place of work or in my neighborhood. Books to better yourself are available these days, but I wish you could recommend for me the best ones. I will also need websites and other information on how to make yourself better. I think that will help.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on May 21, 2018

Yes, it will help. What will help more, is that you be a little more realistic about your desires.

  1. If you simply want to be first at something, then you might end up doing something silly. What will matter to you is that no one else will have done it. That is not what you want. So forget about being first, focus on being better. There is the first better person quote for you. It is not the grand things, like being first, but the small things, like finishing your daily chores, that make you better.
  2. Success is a product of habit. What you regularly do defines who you are. Those who study regularly become knowledgeable. Those who drink regularly become alcoholics. So you should think of establishing some good regular habits. These include being honest, punctual, tidy, consistent and reliable, among others. These will make you a better person if you turn them into your new habit.
  3. You can get a lot of books to make yourself better in libraries and bookshops all over. Most of the information they have is also available online. So you can visit a number websites to get similar information. One such site is Personal Excellence. You can also get many of the quotes you are looking for from Change Quotes.
  4. I can tell you the way to make yourself better progressively. This does not mean you have to be the best. It only means that you can improve your current life and create a bigger impact. The way this works is that you can identify things you want to do every day and list them down. You can then use your list as a checklist to tick off all those that you have done. You will then be able to assess how good you are at achieving your goals. If you do this repeatedly, then you will find that you are progressively performing better. You will have improved yourself impressively.
  5. Life is not about finishing first. It is about doing things in a way that other people will grow to admire or imitate. Most of us know the right things to do, but we sometimes do not bother. If you become one of those who does it right, then others begin to imitate you. 

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