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How were the Mayas and the Zapotecs similar? Both civilizations were ruled by an emperor. Both civilizations played a ball game with hoops. Both civilizations practiced monotheistic religions. Both civilizations existed well into the 1400s.

Zach Chandler

in Social studies

1 answer

1 answer

Deborah Edwards on May 2, 2018

Both civilizations were ruled by an emperor.- yes, it's true!Both civilizations played a game of ball with the rings.-this is also true (but I don't think that the author of the question means it as an answer: the Zapotecs played only a little, when they had come into contact with other cultures.Both civilizations practiced monotheistic religions.-absolutely false, both were polytheisticBoth civilizations existed in the years 1400. -Well, well, I'm sure that this is true, but I think that the authors wanted to say that it is false... in reality both existed until the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s!But the main period of the Maya was also, by then, were not so powerful any more. But even today, there is a rich Mayan culture!

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