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How was Bohr's atomic model similar to Rutherford's model? A. It assigned energy levels to electrons. B. It described electron positioning in terms of the electron cloud model. C. It described how electrons gain or lose energy. D. It described a nucleus surrounded by a large volume of space.

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

William Cain on November 10, 2018

There are four options in the question. We are asked to calculate the correct option, which is similar to that of Bohr and Rutherford atomic model.The first option is incorrect. This is so because the value of the energy of an electron in an orbit particular was assigned by Bohr. Rutherford's atomic model simply tells you about the motion of the electrons in the different orbits around the nucleus, which was also corrected by Bohr.The second option is also incorrect. Bohr had not been described electronic positioning through the electron cloud model.According to Bohr's theory an electron can absorb energy when it is going to jump from the ground state to the excited state. The electron emits energy when it is going to jump from the excited state to the ground state. Rutherford's theory was not described by the gain and loss of electron energy .Therefore, this option is also incorrect.Both theories have similarity in one of its aspects.Both the theories described in the core surrounded by a large volume of space. There are two parts in the interior of an atom .One is called nuclear part which contains protons and neutrons, and the second is called extra nuclear part which contains electrons in different orbits. Most of the extra space in the nuclear part is empty.Therefore, option D is the correct answer.

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