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How two lines that are each perpendicular to a third line can be perpendicular to each other?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on August 15, 2018

in the 3d space. A straight line x=2. second line y=2. Third line z=2. Theyare all killer the one to the other. ===== I have a set of lines like that in my room, in the corner, wheretwo walls off the floor ! But, as the man, x=2, y=2 and z=2 are not lines in 3d space, you'll replanes. * * * * * The second answer is the correct one. The equation of the x-axis is y = 0 and z = 0. Another axis can be definedsimilarly. Alternatively, the equations can be defined in vecor form.

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