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How to overcome BYU study abroad challenges?

Being a student is challenging, imagine adding those challenges the troubles of being an international student. Most students studying abroad me included are constantly faced with the difficult challenges that study overseas come with. Since best study abroad programs such as those offered by BYU study abroad seem to offer relief to us students, their efforts are not enough. I know I might be too worried about nothing but I am a planner who wants to know what I’m getting into long before I take the very first step. What are some of the challenges being faced by overseas student and how does one overcome it?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 28, 2018

Travelling with the best abroad study programs has always been an awesome experience. Scholars get to experience a new range of experience. However true this is one thing most people like me are never prepared for is the challenges that come with the new experience. To say the least, this experience is always scaring but with the right guidance and help one is able to overcome them. The following are some are some of the challenges faced by students who go to studying overseas and how to go about solving them.

Culture shock. It’s no secret, moving abroad, a lot of people suffer from culture shock. Basically this is the difference between your generally accepted way of doing and dealing with issues versus the new system of things. At one point every student see themselves as a stranger and totally out of place, however after some time as the new culture sinks in and a person learns to adapt to his or her new environment. The best way however to deal with culture shock in a new learning environment is to be open minded and have the willingness to learn the new cultures other than yours. In addition to helping you the scholar adapts well to the new environment, this also opens you up to new knowledge you were not aware of previously.

Foreign language. In most cases scholars faced with this challenge are those that earn scholarship opportunities to regions that do not speak their dialect. As a foreign student this is one of the biggest challenge as you are not able to understand what your professor is teaching therefore challenging your academic excellence. Language challenge can also come in the form of dialects being used. In most cases for instance with UK accent, it's typically hard for a student coming from an Asian continent to comprehend fully what is being taught. In order to address this barrier, prior to enrolling for overseas studies, a student is advised to first familiarize themselves with the language. In addition to this, you need not to be afraid of asking for where you have not grasped the concept. I would also advise new students to interact more with the area residents and try to acquire as much accent as they can since accent is best taught through practice as opposed to the classroom.

Financial problems. Regardless of the education program you are enrolled in, financial complications is an issue every student traveling abroad always runs into. Recurring expenses such as accommodations, food, textbooks and tuition are some of the things people can never run away from while in a BYU abroad study programs. This can be overwhelming more so since most students like us travel abroad to further studies leaving behind work and other economic activities. Therefore the best ways of mitigating this hurdle I would advise fellow students to take some economic activities to supplement their stay abroad.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

When it comes to BYU study abroad, I 100% agree to the above challenges being faced by students. The worst challenge about all these issues is that nobody prepares you for them until you find yourself engulfed in them. To all parents and aspiring students, I would like to weigh in and caution that you need to prepare in advance since these challenges do exist and the only way around them is to develop a coping mechanism beforehand. Knowledge and familiarizing yourself with the challenges from individuals who have experience life as students overseas can greatly help with this.

It’s good to think that someone in the system will help you cope. Yes. Such people exist. Does that mean that they can totally make everything better? Not really. Such matters only get perfectly good if you are good at coping and ironing out the tiny bumps that remain even after the institution tries its level best to make everything bearable.

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