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How to open up an adult education center in New York?

I am a Bachelor of Education holder from one of the reputed universities in America. I am planning to set up an adult education center with 2-3 branches initially in New York City. I want to know the basic requirements for opening up an adult college which provides community education through conducting adult ed classes. My institution for adult learning would specifically be aimed at functioning as a college for working adults in the city. So what are the main criteria I should consider and the main features I should embed in my college?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on February 12, 2018

Opening up an adult education institution would certainly be difficult in New York City because there are a number of adult learning institutions already present in the city. Still, this is a fast-growing sector of the education industry in all western countries including the United States of America. So you can go ahead with your plan of setting up an adult learning college. I think the main factors you should consider would be the financial and operational requirements and the availability of non-financial resources. But before that, you need to decide on what scale you will like to operate your continuity education center. The mode through which you want to conduct the adult learning classes would also be a significant determinant of what resources you need. For example, if you are keen on providing both campus-based and online based degree course, then you would have to bring in resources related to both kinds of operation. Also, you should decide on the type of courses and learning programs that you would include in the curriculum of your adult educational center. Since you are aiming for including the courses for working adults, therefore, you should conduct proper background research for identifying what types of academic and vocational courses are demanded by the working adult learners. It is evident that the needs for education of the young adults and non-working adults and those of the working adults are much distinct and easily differentiable. Therefore, while deciding on the academic areas that your college courses would cover you will need to consider the exact requirements that the learners want to fulfill by attending the education centers for working adults.  In addition to these you need to decide on which kind of certification you would provide for your learners. I would like to inform you that in order to provide nationally recognized certificates to the adult learners after the completion of courses offered by your college, you first need to get your college enlisted under the Advanced Certified Education (ACE) providers list pertinent to the United States of America. One additional factor you should invariably look into while running your continuity learning center is that there are many barriers that a working adult student might face in the process of getting enrolled and attending the adult learning classes such as the lack of information about the institutions providing continuity education for working adults and the process of joining adult learning classes.

Eric Bates2 years ago

You need out of the box thinking!! So while considering the barriers, you should not forget to look into the dispositional as well as situational barriers which are common in the foray of adult learning and which can also act as constraints for the success of any adult education center. Since you are opening up your college with the main target segment being the working class of adult learners, you should especially consider the situational factors such as the issues of balancing work and education, balancing work and family, time management, financial constraints and scheduling problems that are commonly faced by the working professionals across all industries in a busy city like New York. Being a B.Ed. yourself, I presume you’re already aquatinted with the basic principles that need to be followed in setting up an adult learning college such as that unlike children learners, adults can learn best through internal motivation and that you need to set up an informal and assistive learning environment for best results.

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