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How to know the best public schools in USA?

My children are approaching the school going years, and I am eager to know the best public schools in USA I can take them to. Public school ratings by state can be a good source of information, but I do not know whether to trust them. I believe if I take my child to the best school in USA, he stands a chance to pass his examination. Therefore, I would encourage explanations on how to check school ratings for a potential learning institution for my child. I would prefer information on NYC public school ratings, and why I should trust them.  

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 14, 2018

Well, you can rely on local school ratings to find the best public schools in USA. Local school ratings use a variety of techniques and indicators that help to identify public schools in USA that are the best. Note that, there are thousands of schools in the country and school rating organizations. On this basis, you need to learn how to check school ratings from reputable and reliable sources. When you learn how to check the ratings of a school from these sources, the chances are high that you will find a good public school in United States. For instance, when checking for the NYC public school ratings, you can check the schools that are rated by government agencies or reputable education institutions and stakeholders. Well, New York City has some of the best schools, and you can definitely find a good learning institution if you check the NYC ratings of public school done by government agencies.       

 Now, let us come to your question on how to know the best school in USA.  One of the schools I recommend is Rye High School. How do I know it is one of the best? The answer is simple; look at the kind of facilities and resources that the school has. This is a school that has a good learning environment, experienced teachers, and enough resources that can cater for all its students. This is a school that achieves high scores in public school ratings by state. On this note, if you want your child to perform well in advanced placement exams, you should consider Rye High School.     

Moreover, schools that post better positions at school public ratings by state, produce an all rounded student. This is a child who is good at both academics and physical activities. Note that learning is not all about academics. It also involves the impartation of life skills to a child. Skills such as confidence, resilience, good communication skills are important and they are much sought after by employers. An example of such school is Manhattan Bridges, which is ranked the 2nd in New York. This is a school that produces all rounded students, and this is because of the nature of their curriculum. They advocate for students to participate in physical activities, as a way of enabling them to develop social skills. Moreover, students in this school have an opportunity of taking advanced placement exams.

In conclusion, a good school has a number of characteristics. They have qualified and experienced teachers, and students have access to learning materials. Moreover, their students have an opportunity of taking advanced placement examinations, and they have developed good life skills that can enable them overcame future challenges.

Eric Bates2 years ago

Public school ratings by state are one of the best ways of searching for a good school in New York. I normally do not trust ratings done by private institutions, because of their motives. Some of these institutions carry out ratings for financial gain, and they may not provide an accurate account of the performance of public and private schools. Nonetheless the best public learning institutions in United States normally achieve a high ranking or ratings in the various reviews of best performing schools.  

Therefore, you need to check the ranking of a school, from the reviews done by government agencies. You can rely on such information. On this note, I agree with the answer provided above. Moreover, the writer could have expanded on the top performing schools in New York. He should have identified other issues such as teacher-parent collaboration, as a factor that may contribute to the performance of a school.       

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