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How to get her to like me?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

1 answer

Dana Keller on February 24, 2018

To get a lady to like you depends largely on how it is presented, in general, but the following are the necessary areas to look at;- 1.Let them know that I admire you. 2.Visit regularly, despite the fact that she can say no. 3.Be interested in why she rejected it. 4.Seek to understand their interests. 5.Invite her for a coffee and see how it responds. 6.Do not express your feelings of likeness/tell her why you like her. 7.Call and say I just wanted to say hi. 8.Write complementing sms, email, etc.. 9.Appear stable,and talk to your heart while looking into the eyes. 10.Be a stylist ( to avoid the trends that are in conflict,or that don't fit you). Do not wait for God,be a man and tell her that you want a woman,and she fits your bill.

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