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How to get a student visa to the USA, Canada, and the UK?

I’m researching a question of how to get a student visa. Right now, I’m interested in the USA, the UK, and Canada. I think that all of them provide great educational opportunities. Are there any differences in American student visa and the Canadian one? They are very similar, but there can be variations. What are the UK, Canada, and the USA student visa requirements? Studying in another country in a dream of mine. I’m looking at these three because of my love to English. They are great in terms of the interaction with native speakers. So, I’m looking forward to any advice on students visa.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on April 20, 2018

Well, the general process of getting a visa a quite similar in most countries. There are universal outlines that all states follow. So, the question of how to get student visa is largely connected to the process of all countries. American student visas are nothing to be afraid of. Every year, thousands of students come to this country hoping to get American education. Remember that the process of application can take a long time. So, you better start preparations beforehand. Make sure that start the process at least in four months before the start of your courses. First of all, you have to apply and be accepted SEVP-approved school. Then, you have to pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee. Frankly speaking, I cannot share the exact number with you. Besides, the sum may change in the future when you will be applying. So, you better check it on official sources. Then, you complete a visa application form., pay the application fee, and schedule an interview. The preparation will take some time. Use it to learn everything about your future interview—your future depends on it. To learn current US student visa requirements, visit this website: It has many tips and lists all steps you have to follow. If you are looking for an assistance in payment, this official site can help you.

Speaking of Canada, you have to apply for study permit. If your program last six months or less, you don’t have to do it. The permit allows you to stay in the country for the duration of your studying. You can also renew it if you need. A useful tip: a student permit of full-time higher education students allows you to work part-time at campus. This is a great bonus for any foreign student. You can obtain this type of student visas either online or in paper. Generally, the process resembles the American one. You can learn steps of the application on the official website of Citizenship and Immigration: The best thing about applying online is that you can complete the process faster and do it all in one place.

As for the UK, I’ve never personally applied for a UK student visa. A few friends of mine who study in the country may take a little bit more time. All of them applied for a short-term study visa. In general, if you are accepted by a university, you shouldn’t have problems with getting a visa.

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