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How to find your perfect BYU study abroad program?

I’m currently looking at the enormous list of BYU study abroad programs and cannot even decide where to start. Where do I want to go? For how long? On what conditions? Study overseas is a dream-come-true of any student. We are young and we want to travel and experience something new, this is not surprising. As any young man, I want to see how people in other countries live. Meet new people and relax somewhere else. I’m looking for the best study abroad programs offered by BYU. Have you ever tried any of them? What can you recommend me?

Timothy Norman

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on April 18, 2018

I’ve spent much time studying and researching all those offers that you are looking at. I haven’t used any of them yet but plan to do it next year. Maybe, we can help each other to make the right choice. I don’t think that there is a universal best study abroad program that will suit anybody. We all have our preferences and aim at something dear to our hearts. For me, the issue of climate is very sensitive. I don’t want to go to Africa where the sun is shining brightly all the time and you don’t know what to do about it. Also, I’m a little bit scared to visit Australia because of its venomous inhabitants and other creepy crawlies. Yes, nature is beautiful but I don’t want to risk either my nerves or health.

I’ve decided to go to the Netherlands. I think that it is full of great opportunities both for my studies and cultural enrichment. I admit that the language is not easy to learn, but I’m trying really hard. I suggest you hurry up with your choice and take your time to prepare for the journey instead.

BYU abroad studies offer great curriculum possibilities but you should check them beforehand. Look at the differences with your normal routine to be ready. In addition, strengthen your language skills. You’ll be living in a country for some time—you’ll need it for survival. I’m sure that many people there know English well enough to help a tourist in need, but we should be able to assimilate.

In addition to all those programs, you can take a look at BYU international internships. Maybe, you’ll find something even better there. Or think of a plan B with their help. It’s always good to be prepared for a refusal.

Brigham Young University international scholarship will surely change your mind. After hearing about it, you’ll want to grasp this chance even more. Overseas studies are well-organized. Here is a list of its programs with the feedback from real students I bet you’ll find the answer here. Once you hear how good a place is, you’ll fall in love with the offer. You can also look here for some real stories from your peers Generally, I think you should search for all types of feedback to get the whole picture. Truth is always more informative.

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