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How to find a good French tutor?

With so many people advertising private tutors on the Internet, how can I know which ones are good and competent teachers and which ones are scammers? I’ve heard about one French tutor was an illegal immigrant advertising “lessons” in languages he didn’t even speak well. Is it possible to find private tutor services in NYC that are trustworthy? Can the best tutoring companies screen these people who call themselves tutors adequately?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on October 23, 2018

We do not live in a safe world. In big cities, any advertising term can become a cover for any kind of illegal things. Still, lots of legitimate French tutors and teachers have spent time working very well in New York. I’m sure that tutors also have concerns about working in the homes of strangers (you never know what kind of people you are going to teach). Some tutors meet students at school, library, or other public places. Others gather in small groups that become after-school classes. There are also those who work through the Internet. In neighborhoods where it’s hard to find qualified tutors, federally subsidized tutoring may be offered for free.

I’m not saying that company employees do better work than freelancers; often the opposite is true. And there’s room for disagreement about the definitions of phrases like “the best tutoring company.” Competence in tutoring French does not guarantee competence in tutoring math. It’s not possible to screen out all potential problems. However, large tutoring companies generally verify that tutors are competent, law-abiding, sometimes even insured.

That’s about all that can be guaranteed. Ratings for big companies tend to describe the individuals working for them last year. Dissatisfaction with tutors is usually a question of how much they help individuals.

If you’re not limited to federally subsidized programs, consider a low-risk home study course. Old “Tourist French” records you might find at a charity store are still enough to get students through high school exams. You can update the basic vocabulary online (no charge needed). Before going to France, or while you’re there, you could still find a private tutor who might enjoy improving your French.

Most tutors are nice, kind and willing to work for relatively low wages. Depending on where and how they work, they may be students just a few years ahead of their students; retired teachers; parents with young children; licensed teachers with physical disabilities; or qualified teachers who’ve not found full-time jobs.  

Jordan Soto9 months ago

In any city, any search engine can find private tutors or agencies with a 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher average rating from dozens or hundreds of customers. So I think you can trust these rankings. If there are some problems or misunderstandings with tutors, you can change your tutor at any time you want. Also, you can ask some people who used to be students of a tutor to tell you more about that tutor. Anyway, if you decide on taking tatoring services online it would be better and safer.


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