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HOW to concentrate while studying?

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Chelsea Hayes on April 21, 2018

Each individual is different. Some students may enjoy the music and find it stimulates them while other students need total quiet. Here are some suggestions for both types of people:. Choose your favorite music and let it roar! For those who prefer total peace of mind find a place in your home or bedroom it is quiet and if that is impossible, the task can be done in a library, where it is very quiet or during the day at a favorite cafe or other area in which the individual feels at peace. . Although caffeine such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or pop can to stay awake, you can also make a person jittery if you drink too much, to cut the consumption of caffeine. . Have good lighting while studying. Poor lighting can strain the eyes and hence make the person feel sleepy. . If you are studying hard and things are not working and you have a deadline, take the time and go for a walk or do something else you enjoy for at least half an hour. You may feel that you are giving a precious half-hour of study, but scientific studies have shown that walking away and doing something that one likes that is updated the person and are ready to go full force and do more. . If a person smokes Marijuana then stop! Marijuana relaxes a person, but it can also make you feel very tired. . If you do your study after dinner does not start studying immediately, but to go for a run; go outside and do a couple of hoops if you play basketball, and then start studying. You are less likely to feel tired of eating. . Always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't miss meals! Low blood sugar can occur, making the person feel sluggish and the mind to feel confused. The protein should be high on the list of foods. . If you can't seem to focus, then choose a good friend and study together so you can help each other. Don't be afraid to have a couple of laughs in the process and lie down and take a break. Do not study with a boyfriend or girlfriend, as this is a distraction, and not much will be accomplished. . Yoga or stretching is a good way to rest the mind, so that one can concentrate.

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