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How to apply for student visa in the UK?

I’m looking for an opportunity to study in England. I’m planning to attend courses that will last about four to six months. What visa do I need to get? What are the UK student visa new rules? How long can I stay in the country and what can I do this whole time besides attending classes? I’d like to get a precise student visa checklist of things I have to do and documents I have to have. Can you share a link to the student visa application form with me? I’d like to look at it in advance to be prepared to the questions I will have to answer.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on April 25, 2018

International students have to apply for a student visa. If you are pursuing a full-time degree, you have to for a Tier 4 student visa.

In your case, I believe you require a short-term study visa.  As far as I know, it is issued to students whose courses last 6 months or less. As for the new rules of UK student visa, they are actually new only for people from the EU. Now, they also have to apply for the same visas as the rest of the world.

So, if you get a short-term visa, you can take a short course or training or do a brief research as a part of your degree. I’ve heard that people who come to study English can stay a little bit longer than 6 months; I believe the period is increased to almost a year.

This is a brief pass to study that cannot be extended. Naturally, you cannot work while you are attending your courses. You also cannot bring family members.

UK short-term student visa may be divided into two categories. Depending on your country of origins, you will be considered as a visa national or non-visa national. Look at this list of countries and determine your status:

Visa national have to apply for a visa before traveling to the UK. If you are a non-visa national, you can simply speak with the Border Force Office and get a stamp in your passport that will be an equivalent of a study visa.

So, you’ve asked checklist for student visa. Here is what I can advise you. No matter how you are going to get your visa, you should have the standard pack of documents at hand.

  • Current passport
  • Bank account details
  • Your traveling and accommodation plans
  • Documents about your course
  • English language qualification
  • Details about your financial sponsor
  • Tuberculosis test results (if needed)

You can start gathering your documents and applying in three months before your trip. Usually, the decision on your visa arrives in about three weeks. Here is a page that will help you determine the student visa processing time:

IF you want to see an application form for student visa right now, here is a full guide to completing it: Here, you will not only see its content but the right answers as well. I hope this answers your question of how to apply for student visa.

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

Here is also another guidance on the student visa application form: It has some useful notes that will tell you those small details that may influence the decision of the embassy. The questions are common for any type of visa, so, you shouldn’t be worried about completing the questionnaire. If you provide the general outline of your stay, information about yourself, etc. I think we all have to face this kind of form at least once in our lives. There is nothing scary in applying for a visa.

I think I should also mention the cost of application. Today, the price if £93 for a 6-months visa. If you are going to take language courses and plan to stay for 11 months (this is the exact period allowed for these type of courses), you will have to pay £179. The cost is not low, but, compared to the cost of your courses, I’m sure it won’t seem so huge.

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