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How should I prepare for an English Test?

I am applying for a master program in a school that has to test your English before they accept you to their institution. English is not my first language, and I wasn’t very good at English back in school. The English test I have to take to apply for the master program is TOEFL. I have tried doing English grammar test with answers, but I do not think this is enough to prepare me for the TOEFL exam. What is the best way to practice for this English exam and which resources can I use?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 8, 2018

The TOEFL exam is a very popular exam worldwide. Most institutions of learning require students to take this examination so that they can test how good they are in speaking, writing, listening and reading in English. You shouldn’t be very worried about this exam because it tests your basic English skills. However, you need to prepare for this test adequately so that you can get good results. English grammar tests with answers are not the best way to practice for this exam because the exam is made up of different sections that require you to practice differently. Here are some of the ways you can prepare for this exam:

  • Enroll in classes: There are a number of institutions that offer TOEFL prep classes. Identify one in your local area and enroll in the classes. The benefit of this is that you will get a professional to teach you how to approach the different sections in the TOEFL. They will also help you identify your weak areas and teach you how to improve in those areas.
  • Use Online Resources: There are a good number of online TOEFL practice websites you can use. A good example is Magoosh. This website provides a number of practice questions in all the sections. Magoosh practice questions are designed and timed the same way that the TOEFL exam is set. This enables you to have a feel of what the exam will be like. They also provide a study guide and study timetables that allow you to structure your study sessions depending on how long you have before the exam date.
  • Mobile Phone Apps: You can also use apps to practice for the exam. It is especially crucial for the speaking sessions. There aren’t many websites that offer speaking session practice questions. However, there are a number of apps you can use to practice your speaking before the exam. A good example is the Magoosh Speaking app. This app includes a number of speaking questions and provides answers on how you are supposed to answer the questions. If you find the speaking section challenging, this is an app you should definitely try.
  • Speak English: Before the exam, try as much as possible to speak English every opportunity you get. This will build your confidence, and it will enable you to have a comfortable tie in the speaking section which is considered the most challenging section of the TOEFL.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

Practicing for an English Test like TOEFL requires a lot of preparation. You cannot rely only on one method of studying when preparing for this exam. However, before you begin looking for a method of studying for the TOEFL, I would advise you to learn more about the test. Find out what the test includes, how it is graded and what you can expect during the examination. It will be easier for you to study for an exam if you know what it entails and what to expect. Once this is done, you can start looking for a study method. In my opinion, the best study method for TOEFL is getting professional help. When you get someone who is trained to teach you, you gain a lot of confidence as you approach the exam because you are sure you have covered everything you needed to. It is also more efficient than studying on your own because you are assured you are studying the right thing.

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