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How should I prepare for a job interview at Colorado Department of Education?

I recently applied for a job opening at the Colorado Department of Education. I came across it while going through job posts at a local job board. A few weeks later, the human resource manager contacted me via email and sent me two tests. One of the tests required me to write an article on the current issues in education and my opinion about education in America. The second test required me to make a comparison between the Colorado and Florida department of education. Fortunately, I was selected to move forward after submitting the tests. The next step is a face to face interview with the hiring manager. How do I prepare for this to improve my chances of getting the job?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 3, 2018

The department of education in Colorado is very strict when it comes to recruiting employees to join the department. The fact that you passed the first step is a great sign that you are a great candidate for the job. However, the interview is crucial step; how you perform in the interview will determine whether or not you get the job.

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for the interview sufficiently. These include:

  • Be informed about the core education issues the state is experiencing. Whether you are being interviewed to join the department of education in Florida, Colorado, Virginia or any other state, the hiring manager needs to know you understand the industry. One of the most common questions asked is concerning the challenges experienced in American education. Therefore, you need to do some research to get the answer to this question. It might also be a good idea to read about current issues in education, how you think technology will change education and any other important aspect of education that captures your attention.
  • Know all the important aspects about the department. It is also very important to learn about the department you are applying to. Find out what the department does, their contribution to the education in the state, when they started, who runs the department and other important factors.
  • Practice your answers. There are certain questions recruiters must ask the interviewee such as how much you expect to be paid, what makes you different from other candidates, how your previous role has prepared you for the position you are applying for and why you think they should hire you. Do not Google answers to these questions. This is because most people do this. This means the recruiter has probably heard such answers before. Come up with an answer that will leave the recruiter no other choice but to hire you. It might be a good idea to get help from someone who has passed an interview before.
  • Dress Sharp. First impressions matter when you are going for an interview. Take some time to choose an outfit that makes you look professional, neat and smart. If you struggle with styling yourself, it is advisable to get styling assistance from an expert, family member or friend who is really good at it.
  • Tell the truth. Most people are tempted to lie in order to stand out. Do not be tempted to do this. Always provide truthful information and provide convincing answers to questions asked. This will without a doubt make you stand out.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I agree with this. You must always do your homework before you go in for an interview. Find out as much as you can about the department you are applying to, different issues in education and any other matter related to education that you believe might come up in the interview. I personally believe that a person going for an interview should have one goal. The goal should be to charm the interviewer and ensure you are memorable. The only way to do this is to be cool, calm and collected and to answer every question with confidence. Also, if given the chance, ask some questions amount the position you are applying for and the company. Strive to do something that most interviewees wouldn’t do but would make you stand out in a good way. If you are memorable, there is a great chance you will get the job.

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