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How should I choose from the many Oxford online courses for enrollment?

I am going to complete my Bachelors in Law soon. I am keen on joining an online course which will add value to my academic accomplishments. I would like to get admitted in one of the available online courses at Oxford. I want to know which of the Oxford online courses I should select for enrolment. I prefer the online law courses offered by Oxford only. Please refer me to any course from the free online degree programs provided by Oxford.

Dana Keller

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on February 6, 2018

First of all congratulations on the completion of your bachelors course. If you want to get enrolled in any of the online courses offered by Oxford, this is the right time of the year because the admission is open till January next year and the exams for the same would be held in October next year. This would mean that you will have sufficient time to complete the course as well as prepare for the exams required for certification. You can opt for a wide range of online programs and courses conducted by Oxford and other universities as well.

Also, I would suggest that since you are already studying law, therefore, it would be beneficial for you to get enrolled in any of the law courses online offered by Oxford. There is a multitude of online courses and programs offered by various national and international level institutions from which you can select the most suitable one. My advice would be that you assess and compare the available courses on the basis of your own academic interests, your future academic and professional requirements and also on the basis of the course fees you are ready to pay.

Now coming to the usefulness of such programs, definitely completing an online course offered by Oxford would have more value for you as compared to any other comparatively lesser known universities in the world. As far as I know, the Oxford on-line courses are preferred by many students because these courses are designed with utmost precisions for providing the student-centric learning and because the discussion forums provided by Oxford to the students of their online courses are the bests available in the domain.

However, I strongly feel you should consider the course fees that you are ready to pay for enrolling in and completing whichever online course you choose. Small suggestion: If you are tight on your budget, you should try to access the less costly or free online degree courses offered by other universities because as far as I know, there are very few online degree programs offered by Oxford which are free. If you are interested in knowing more about the online courses available for free or at minimal costs as offered by different academic institutions, then you can search in Google for yourself. Whatever it is, you should always do a lot of background research before investing your money and time in any such course.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

It is advisable that you get enrolled in a free online tutorial or course. I would personally suggest that before paying money for any online course, you should carefully look into the terms mentioned in the provider website because in case you are paying fees for any course which is offered by a fraud institutions or any fraud under the name of any reputed institution, you would not be able to recover your money. So I would suggest that if you have sufficient money only then you take admission into the high priced online degree courses offered by Oxford or other universities of the similar cadre. Otherwise, it would be best to go for a free online degree course. On second thought, if you are sure that the established name of ‘Oxford’ and the certificates you will get on successfully completing their courses would add high value to your resume, then you should opt for that only.

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