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How much training or education would you need for paralegal?

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 17, 2019

The following is written by and according to the Department ofLabor, and in particular to the education and training required forparalegals. The majority of the participants have been associated's degree in paralegal studies, or abachelor's degree in another field and a certificate in paralegalstudies. Some employers train paralegals on the job. The education and training. There are severalways to become a legal assistant. The most common is through a communitycollege paralegal program that leads to an associate degree.Another common method of entry, mainly for those who already have a bachelor's degree, earning a certificate in paralegal studies. Brief number of schools that offer bachelor's and master's degrees inparalegal studies. Finally, some employers train paralegals in the workplace. Also available are online training programs nowadays andmost of them is accepted in many of the states - if you choose totrain this way, make sure that the online training will be acceptedin your area. The associate and bachelor's degree programs usually combineparalegal training with courses in other academic subjects.Certification programs can vary significantly, with some taking only a few months to complete. Most of the certification programs provide intensiveparalegal the training of people who already have collegedegrees. For the source and more detailed information concerningyour order, click on the related links section (U.S. Departmentof labor) indicated directly below this answersection.

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