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How much time does a new student orientation take?

I ask about new student orientation because I have recently applied to three universities and while I am waiting to know if I am accepted, I’d like to compare the BYU new student orientation with the UNM new student orientation and the WVU new student orientation to know which one is the best.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Daniel King on October 25, 2018

As you may have already noticed when you submitted your application to study at those three universities, each higher education institution has its own calendar with its own dates to receive applications, provide new student orientation, start classes and do final exams, among other activities. Each university has its own functioning mode and it is what makes that university unique.

Still, there are some similarities. The orientation for new students at any university will always include a greeting from university authorities, useful information about the rules that students must follow during their stay on campus, an exploration of the campus to show students where the important places of the university are specifically located and some other cultural and social activities.

The new student orientation at BYU (, for instance, took one day in spring (April 30) and it will take two days in fall (August 30-September 1). Attendance is not mandatory, but this event is free and there will be food, entertainment and prizes for you. These activities at the Brigham Young University are academic and mostly organized by regular students of this university who will be glad to answer any question that you may have about BYU.

The new student orientation at UNM ( takes two days. There are different sessions throughout the year, for instance, August 14-15. It is an intensive program that starts early in the morning. Attendance is mandatory since the University of New Mexico takes highly into account your commitment to your studies. You will be requested to have on-campus accommodation for a fee during the days of the orientation.

The new student orientation at WVU ( takes just one day, from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. This year the fall session will take place on August, 10. It is an activity that West Virginia University has designed for both the new students and their parents. Students will have their picture taken for their university ID and they will meet the university staff. In order to cover the operational costs of this event, new students must pay a $125 fee.

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

There is no doubt about the importance of attending the new student orientation. Even if for some universities it is not mandatory to go, it is the only event that will allow you to know all that you must do as well as what you cannot do on campus. I thought that all those events were paid, as in my case. I went with my parents to the WVU new student orientation day and it was a very long day. I think that it should be split into two days.  

Roger Moore2 years ago

I am a junior at BYU and I can fully recommend the new student orientation at BYU. And I do not say it just because I study there, but because it is not a boring event at all. The ones in charge of its organization are usually people that already study there, so they know the needs that a new student may have. When I got accepted into this university and went to the orientation event, I thought that it would be something tiresome, with many lectures all day long. But it was nothing like that. There were even games to play and prizes to win. It was a great social activity to get to know other students and start making friends on campus. The more advanced students were very kind because they were willing to answer all the questions that new students had and they explained everything very patiently.

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