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How much memory does a laptop computer need to run World of Warcraft?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

1 answer

Ashley Howard on July 15, 2018

warcraft iii:frozen throne info -> all previous games have a lower requirement, realistically any computer from the last 5 years do not have a problem Minimum System Requirements: . 400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent, or a 400 MHz G3 processor or better. . Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Warcraft III requires Mac OS® 9.0 or higher, Mac OS X® 10.1.3 or higher . Warcraft III requires 128 MB of RAM. The Virtual Memory should be enabled on computers running pre-Mac OS X versions of the Mac OS®. . The keyboard and mouse are required. . A hard disk drive with at least 550 MB of free space . 8 mb 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) with DirectX 8.1 support. For Mac OS® systems, a video card consisting of an ATI Technologies or nVidia chipset with at least 16 MB of memory is required. . DirectX-compatible 16-bit sound card is recommended. Warcraft III will work with the built-in sound features of the Mac OS®. Recommended System Requirements: . Processor 600 MHz or better . 256 MB of RAM . 32 MB 3D Video card Multiplayer Requirements: . Access to Blizzard Entertainment's online gaming service, require a low-latency, active Internet connection rated at 28.8 Kbps or faster. . Multiplayer games played over a LAN require an active connection to a TCP/IP network.

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