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How much income does a student have to make to have to file a tax return?

Karen Wright

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Chelsea Hayes on August 11, 2019

Students are not exempt from filing whether or not they can be claimed as a dependent mon their parents or any other person of the tax return. The requirement for a dependent can be found in Table 2 on page 3 of Publication 501. These apply to any person who can be claimed as a dependent if you are a student or not. For people who cannot be claimed as a dependent, refer to Table 1 on page 2: everyone in the world should also refer to Table 3 on page 4 to see if there are additional reasons for the presentation of: For example, if you have your own business or are self-employed and earned more than $400, you have to submit. If you earn tips that you do not report to your employer, you have to submit. If you earn more than $108 in wages from a church or religious, tax-exempt organization, you must submit. If you want a refund of taxes you've already paid, you have to submit. Remember, even if you are exempt from filing federal taxes, you will still have to file a state tax return. Please consult the laws of your individual state.

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