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How much energy does the electron have initially in the n=4 excited state?what is the change in energy if the electron from part a now drops to the ground state?

Donald Ward

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

Samantha Barber on November 25, 2018

What seems to be found in An era of "initial"...b/c of the question: "how much energy the electron has 'initially in the n=4 excited state?" "final" would be where 'finally' ends, that is to say,. your last for this question...the 'state' as in its lowest energy level. The answer is: -1.36×10^-19 JYou use the same equation for the second part as on the part of a. you just have to subract the 2 and the only diff for the part 2 is the one I use 1squared in place of 4squared & subract "final-initial", and you must obtain -2.05*10^-18 as your answer.

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