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How much does schooling to become a veterinarian cost per year?

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on May 6, 2018

The cost of a college education has increased steadily and rapidly, whether undergraduate or professional degrees. The cost of four years of veterinary college education varies widelydepending on whether it is a state or a private college; private colleges are more expensive. If you are attending the faculty of veterinary medicine as well as in the state student your tuition will be almost the half the amount paid by an out-of-state student. Obviously, you would have to pay almost double the tuition if you went to a state school himself. There are veterinary colleges in the Caribbean, and are a very expensive. One of these schools, the San Mateo, at this time, it is not an accredited program. Scholarships are available and due to the expense of veterinary of the university that should be explored. Some students (like me when I was in the faculty of veterinary medicine) had jobs or assistantships in the faculty of veterinary medicine to help alleviate the costs. Below is a complete list of all colleges in the united States (including the Caribbean schools) that shows the cost of tuition for four years of schooling required for a degree, broken down state-by-state and out-of-state tuition, the cost of living expenses (estimated) for the next four years at the university, and the size of the class (just for interest's sake). The order in which they are arranged in relation to the costs for in-state students, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The information was from the VIN of the page web of the Foundation and the numbers are updated for the 2013-2014 school year. The abbreviations listed below the university name, IS (in state tuition), OS (out-of-state tuition), LE (expenses), CS (class size). Oklahoma State IS $71,853 OS $162,622 YOU $71,548 CS 82 State of Iowa IS $91,316 OS $194,673 YOU $53,977 CS 149 Virginia-Maryland Regional college of Veterinary Medicine IS $98,354 OS $210,374 YOU $49,678 CS 120 State of Louisiana IS $98,200 OS $214,341 YOU $50,070 CS 88 University of Georgia IS $79,994 OS $196,463 YOU $70,471 CS 102 Texas A & M IS $86,117 OS $139,466 LE $66,091 CS 134 Purdue IS $87,659 OS $196,135 YOU $67,195 CS 84 University of Wisconsin IS $86,020 OS $114,806 YOU $72,798 CS 76 in the State of Oregon IS $96,236 OS $182,629 YOU $62,919 CS 56 State of Mississippi IS $84,788 OS $194,965 YOU $75,427 CS 85 State of North Carolina IS $74,775 OS $97,810 YOU $90,721 CS 98 University of Missouri-Columbia IS $95,920 OS $126,628 LE $81,530 CS 114 Auburn University IS $80,617 OS $187,873 YOU $97,249 CS 120 State of Washington IS $109,391 OS $141,503 YOU $68,678 CS 126 State of Kansas IS $108,917 OS $230,328 YOU $69,591 CS 114 in the State of Colorado IS $118,393 OS $239,568 YOU $63,626 CS 138 of Tuskegee University IS $101,347 OS $160,779 YOU $83,319 CS 73 of the State of Michigan IS $111,979 OS $236,022 LE $82,582 CS 113 University of Tennessee IS $108,443 OS $231,048 YOU $89,176 CS 88 University of Illinois IS $132,929 OS $207,945 YOU $76,832 CS 120 of Cornell University IS $138,703 OS $202,207 YOU $74,134 CS 102 University of Minnesota IS $152,945 OS $258,638 YOU $64,660 CS 99 The Ohio State University IS $131,656 OS $165,783 YOU $95,633 CS 160 of the University of Florida IS $129,245 OS $201,694 LE $101,788 CS 114 University of California-Davis IS $157,067 OS $169,312 YOU $92,530 CS 137 San Mateo (Caribbean) (7 semesters only) Note: Not accredited IS $146,415 OS $146,415 YOU $106,848 CS------- Tufts University IS $187,186 OS $199,259 YOU $71,440 CS 95 St. George (Caribbean) (7 Semesters Only) IS $173,154 OS $183,064 LE $102,322 CS------- the University of Pennsylvania IS $177,783 OS $218,720 YOU $124,347 CS 123 Ross University (Caribbean) (7 semesters only) IS $200,783 OS $200,783 LE $102,322 CS 287 Western University IS $214,679 OS $214,679 YOU $97,081 CS 106

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