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How much does CNC machining cost per hour?

Kaitlin Dean

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Dana Keller on April 30, 2018

Usually, if it's precision cnc machining like Swiss style machines for example, this is not an hourly rate. Usually speaks with the customer and bid a price on it, which is as a lump sum for the whole job, depending on the complexity, material, 2nd processes, etc, So if you tell them two weeks and going, it is your loss. In general, it is easy to judge by the machine, if your Lathes are hitting 120 parts an hour on something small of 45 cents each, or is your machine making 20 parts and hour 55 dollars a piece? Most machine shops would love to work on an hourly basis, because they know what they need to make a time to make money. In the midwest, if you can make $50-$60/hr in the mid-range CNC equipment, you are making money. As such, this is the kind of price that would be charged if you ask for CNC time on an hourly basis. More expensive machines (e.g 5-axis) command higher rates.

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