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How much does a Stanford online degree cost?

I’m interested in studying online, but I want to do it in a reputable university. I have heard that Stanford, Yale and Harvard offer some of the best online education, but I don’t know how much it costs to get a complete online degree from them. Are they cheap enough and do they offer material to enable one to complete the course comfortably? What are other distance learning colleges there that are reputable and reliable? Does taking online classes really benefit one in the long run and does a Stanford online degree guarantee employment?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 10, 2018

Taking an online class is a great way to enhance yourself without necessarily going through physical classes or parting with huge sums for tuition. MOOCs are starting to emerge as a formidable force in education and disseminating learning to folks around the world at a low cost. Students often have so much going on for them that they may not even get the chance to attend classes physically. And yes, you are right. Ivy’s are some of the best colleges for distance learning. Masters Portal offers a list of the best online learning platforms in the US. Some of these include UC Berkley, Northeastern University, Washington State University, Arizona State University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Stanford Online degrees are some of the most recognized in the world, and there are over 100 free online courses that have been developed in conjunction with various departments in the university. Stanford has one of the biggest virtual libraries in the world offering free resources and content created by highly trained professors and other instructors both within and outside of the Stanford learning environment. Some of these include the Stanford eCorner, Stanford on iTunes and Stanford on YouTube. In addition to these, Coursera is one of the biggest online learning platforms in the world. It offers virtual resources which you can use to increase your knowledge in certain disciplines and subjects.

There are full online degrees from other institutions, and these are fully accredited by the Department of Education. These and others including Stanford courses are not free if you want something that leads to a full diploma or degree. Granted, the tuition requirements may be much lower than the physical needs of attending classes, but they are not free as most may expect.

The best education online you’ll find will depend on how the course is organized and if you are able to get virtually the same intrinsic value that you’d get attending a class without your physical presence. There are many institutions that may claim to offer you great benefits when you enroll in their online courses only for you to be disappointed when you finally start these classes. Ivy’s and other big institutions will offer you safe guarantees when you register for their courses, and their degrees are also dependable and will count as the real thing. Do more research before you settle for any school as your provider.

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