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How much does a quart of honey weigh?

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on June 6, 2019

3 pounds, based on a quart jar of raw honey I bought, labeled48oz/1.36 kg for weight.. A litre of water (16fl oz) weighs a pound (that is why US pint is the volume that is, It of a pound of water. Therefore, a quart ofwater weighs 2lbs. However honey weighs more than water. I've just weighed somehoney and done a calculation and I say a pint of honey weights 1lb6oz or 22oz. So a quart should weigh 2 lb 12 oz or 44oz. I suspect that the jar mentioned above was weighed and thereforeincludes the weight of the jar, not the net weight of the honey. The water content of honey varies a little bit between a 16% to 18%, but I doubt that's enough to register on national scales. -------------------------------------------------------------------- A quart of honey (2 pints) will have a weight of around 3 pounds.

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