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How much do I pay for ucla online classes?

I read about ucla online classes on the online platform and I was very impressed with their provisions. I am a professional on a busy schedule and I would like to enroll in a summer session at UCLA. I have two children. They both want to undertake music classes. I was told by a friend that they offer free online music courses and I felt a sigh of relief, is that true? Hope we can all qualify for online summer college courses at UCLA. I need to do something in summer.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on April 19, 2018

Thanks for showing interest in UCLA online classes. Many students and working professionals have benefitted from their online courses. They offer over 1000 academic courses on the online platform during summer in two sessions: session A and session C.  They have recently added online music courses offered free of charge to high school students.

To get full information on the courses, housing, visa requirements, fees you are required to read through the student types below to enable to determine who you are. Each student type has different requirements, policies, and deadlines to qualify for an online summer college course.

Undergraduate or professional

  • UCLA/UC student: to qualify as a student for summer enrolment you must meet the following requirements.
  • Be an active student admitted in winter and or spring term
  • A student on leave not on probation or on dismissal
  • A freshman or transfer student with statement of intent to register to university
  • US Student:
  • Citizen of the U.S
  • Permanent resident (green card holder)
  • Currently studying in the U.S and going to the same school after summer.
  • International student: citizen of a different country not the U.S
  • Not citizen of the U.S
  • Not studying in the U.S
  • Intent to study for online course
  • High school student: to be considered a U.S high school student you must be
  • a citizen of the U.S or permanent resident
  • Currently studying in the U.S and going to the same school after summer.

After you click the link that best describes who you are, you can comfortably move on and click on the student type where you will get all information on grades, fees, refund, enrolment etc.

Summer Fees

The fee is charged according to the total number of units you enroll in. You will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of $150.

Unit fee: $281 per unit for UC undergraduate and $351 for other student types

IEI fee: $61 per summer for students without bachelor’s degree

Document fee: $50 paid once at first summer term

Dropping Summer Class

Before dropping any summer class ensure:

  • Drop deadline and the refund deadline have not elapsed.  You will be charged for the full cost if you drop a class after the drop deadline. For more information see UCLA Registrar’s website.

Note: We offer a refund for students who drop summer classes before the refund period elapses. Sign up at BruinDirect to be able to receive your refund.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

UCLA online class is the best. It is the most engaging and innovative online platform for students. UCLA is versatile, it has a range of departments that offer a range of courses, degree and certificate programs. The hybrid courses combine the online instructions with minimal face-to-face sessions. The presence of gaming simulations and innovative software fosters discussion and real-time interaction with tutors and fellow students. I have recently finished my summer session on design media arts and given chance I will enroll in another course next summer. The UCLA user interface is simple to use and any individual can navigate through their website without help from computer guru. Don’t be idle during the summer; enroll today in UCLA and enjoy the cheap and flexible study schedule.  International students are allowed, I was able to interact with students from different sides of the world at UCLA. I LOVE IT!

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