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How much are the tickets for the Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference?

I’d like to attend the Wyoming education conference that will be held next week. Considering its proximity, I’m not sure there are tickets still available. And if so, how much do they cost? This conference is less popular than many that have already gone, so, it should be available. How many people does the Conference Center harbor?

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on November 1, 2018

The conference starts on November 7 and you still have a few days to buy tickets for the event. Note that the registration is open until October 31. Hurry up or you’ll miss your chance to participate. Of course, you are already late for the early bird registration that was open until October 14. Now, you’ll have to pay a higher price. Well, all conferences work this way, not only the educational ones. I would say that this is even the late-time registration that, in some cases, costs twice as much as the regular one. Fortunately, this event has affordable prices and doesn’t raise the sum significantly. Thus, before October 15, people have had to pay $40 for registration, while now it’s $50. Yes, there’s a difference but it’s not dramatic.

The registration price includes free entrance to the Innovations Showcase, the Awards ceremony, and the pre-conference activities. You’ll find snacks and lunches also included in the offer.

Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference is supported by the state’s Department of Education and various educational establishments meaning that there’ll be many representatives of Wyoming establishments. If you are looking forward to building a professional network in this state, this conference is what you need.

Wyoming’s guests and speakers also include some names known in the whole country as top educators and instructors.

The pre-conference activities include various workshops that are divided into 4 sections to organize work the most effectively.

If you’d like to know the whole detailed schedule, you can find it on the following page:  It includes all activities planned for the 3 days of the Wyoming conference, even including lunch breaks. Clicking any field, you’ll jump right to the event’s page to find information about the speaker and their topic. The website also states the preferable audience age, additional needs, and an exact time of the presentation.

The center for the conference was chosen carefully to suit all needs. Roundhouse Facilities has a spacious gallery that will be used for exhibits, several classrooms, lounges, and so on. It caters for any needs. The capacity isn’t huge for such an event and can provide for about 500 guests.

Brian Warnera year ago

I’d also like to add several names that have been invited to this educational conference. These speakers are experts in their respective fields and have many great research ideas to share with us.

Personally, I’m most interested in Tonia Dousay who represents the University of Idaho on this event. She’s a Google Certified Innovator and has about 20 years of experience working with and introducing all kinds of technologies to classrooms. Her work is mostly dedicated to giving students an opportunity to take their learning experience in their own hands and manage it themselves. She also focuses on an interdisciplinary approach and non-formal classrooms.

Another “headliner” of the Wyoming Conference is Ramsey Musallam. This is a science instructor from California whose webinars are watched worldwide. He’s also focused on the introduction of technologies to fuel up the learning process and create an environment of inquiry and curiosity.

Karen Wrighta year ago

I don’t even need a schedule of this Wyoming event to know what I’m going to attend. Did you know that some major international companies are going to be there and offer their own speakers? I surely will go listen to people from Microsoft, Zoom, and zSpace as all these corporations will be there.

I don’t know about other speakers, but the conference will be already useful just because of these companies that have proven their worth in the business world.

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