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How many years would it take to get a bachelor's degree in teaching?

Kevin Sutter

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1 answer

1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on April 1, 2019

Bachelor's Degree In Course Work . The degree is designed to be a four-year program of study (as a full-time student) provided the individual takes the program of prescribed by the institution. The degree has many different majors (programs of study). Normally the first two years dealing with the general education cluster with some prerequisite courses particular to the major. Therefore, within the first two years will be required to complete courses in English, Math (if the program of study requires math, exact sciences, humanities, social sciences, etc, The last two years, are more concerned with advanced course work particular to the major field of study to include major requirements, and major electives. In most cases, half of the elective area must be taken at a junior/senior level

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