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How many years of college does it take to become a social worker?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on March 23, 2018

That depends on the state. At least 4 years of university studies of degree and Master's degree are required. A Master's degree may be one or two years. And then there is a requirement under the supervision of professionalprofessional practice hours, generally 2000-3000 hours with 200-300 hours of supervision. After that is completed, you have to sit for a licensure exam. And after you pass the exam and get the license, there is a sufficient number of Ceu to take per license per year and/or period of certification. All this said, we are looking at 5-6 years of school, and 2 years of professional service before you are eligible to sit for the exam...and many-the majority-do not pass the exam at the first time of the round. I had a social worker who worked for me, and was very good at his job, is not 6 times...that is 3 years of age, as it was bi-annual. The Ceu continuously during the time that you keep your license. It is generally 15 to 30 credits per year. but then aqain you have to pass the first time, because who wants to do another 3 years of college and its already just pass the first time. thank you for your time of four years

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