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How many years is your dog gone stay alive if you feed it people and drinks alcohol?

Ramon Kelly

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Jodi Brooks on April 3, 2019

The only other animal that chose an alcoholic beverage over water is a hamster. The reason is because they have 50 times more alcohol that destroy the enzymes in the liver thone of the human beings, and you actually can moisturize with it. Comparatively, dogs and other animals suffering from nutritional deficiency due to alcohol. Dehydration occurs either slowly kill your dog if you give him the water. If it is a strict diet, he or she is going to die. As, on the other hand, I suggest you try it out. Legally, of course, the use of their own parts of the body. Start with soft tissue, such as the genitals, then mixit with the meat. Do not feed your dog in your brain like prions can infect your dog and can be delayed or get mad cow disease." It is always safer to cook your dogs food.

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