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How many words could a person read in one day?

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on September 2, 2019

An average rate of an adult reader (without training in the reading of the speed) is said to two words per second, or 120 words per minute, or 7200 words an hour. If you read for 10 hours in a day, which would have about 72 000 words (seventy two thousand). When reading, the eye jumps across the line, pausing every few words. The better you are at reading, the fewer the number of pauses that do, and the more words you can take in at a single glance. Some people can read in 10 or 12 words per second, or even faster, although it depends on the simplicity or difficulty of the text. For them their total of ten hours a day would be closer to 400 000 words (four hundred thousand).

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