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How many times does the word 'solitude' occur in the book One Hundred Years of Solitude?

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Brandon Scott on April 25, 2018

Response . 100 Years of Solitude . Gabriel García Márquez. The text mentions the word "loneliness". p. 30. 54. 77. 96. 103. 148 pride. 149 theoretical mazes. 152 dream maze-like rooms JAB. 153 parallel mirrors. 156. 157. 166 (2x). 173 "I'm not shooting. It is the revolution that's shooting you.". "…since his return, the CABIN had not given himself the opportunity to see it with your heart.". 175 "the void of war". 177 (2x). 179 "the chalk circle", a Reference to:. This work, "The Chalk Circle" of Bertold Brecht involves a short parable that also sets the structure of the work. There are two disputing parties, the goat-herders and the fruit of the farmers. Each group wants to claim the valley. However, the goat-herders have the claim that they were there in the first place and therefore must maintain the land, while the fruit farmers argue that they can put the land to better use . The Delegate moderating the debate chooses the fruit farmers, because it is more logical for the person who can put the land to better use to achieve this. . 181 solitude, solo. 184. 185 "…I thought that I would return changed back into a human being…". 187 twins, opposites, mirror images. 189 "trunk of poetry"…"are things that a person writes to himself…". 190. 200 ."…felt that I was not alone in the room.". 203 "While he was locked in Melquiades' room he was drawn up in himself…". 216 (2x). 235. 236. 237. 238 "Ursula confirmed her impression that time was going in a circle.". 245 "…lonely people…". 252 "Remedios Buendía did not give a breath of love but a fatal emanation.". 260 "I Say to him," the colonel said, smiling, "that a person does not die when he. it should, but when you can.". The omen of the dead father stirred up the last vestige of pride I had left. in his heart, but he confused it with a sudden gust of force.. 265 senses. 266. 278. 286. 300. 310. 311. 313. 336. 362. 365. 373. 374. 385. 388. 392. 402. 424 "the pox of solitude". 434 "In that Macondo forgotten even by the birds, where the dust and the heat that had. become so strong that it was difficult to breathe, secluded by solitude and love. and by the solitude of love in a house where it was almost impossible to sleep. because of the noise of the red ants, Aureliano and Amaranta Ursula were the. only happy beings, and the most happy on the face of the earth.". 437 " and both were left floating in a universe where the only. everyday and eternal reality was love.". 440. 442. 446. 448 "…the city of mirrors (reflections)…". memory

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