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How many rabbits can a rabbit have in a month?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on December 12, 2018

Thus, the gestation period of a rabbit is 28 to 31 days. So, technically only 1 batch ... there has been some crazy insidents though. Being pregnant can get pregnant again but they are x4 as likely to die along with the mother due to her birth canal's getting trapped one will already be occupied by the first litter which will block, and the second will be occupied by the second litter and it is basically 'fat', and there will be difficulties giving birth and the baby may not survive and if they do, it will be deformed and distorted, and the mother may die herself. The pregnancy can last between 28 - 31 days but within 2 hours of kindling (giving birth) she can get pregnant again, but not very good for her, since she has to provide food and water for herself and her pregnancy whilst feeding new Born's and she could end up under nourished normal size litter can be up to 6 baby's it is rare that you will have only 1 on your own

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