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How many people will do something after reading?

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 14, 2018

What you want to say how many people are going to do something, take some kind of action, after reading about a particular topic? For example, a person reads about some type of injustice and then decides not to buy a particular product associated with the lack of ethics in the behavior that you have read. Or, a person reads about the ways of cooking, or decorating, or bring the kids, who had not thought of before, and then discusses the ideas. There is No way of knowing how many times this happens. I would have to take a particular book, article, or other publication and follow-up through the readers ' responses to it. What we do know, however, that people respond to what they read. A way of knowing how much response is not, is to look at the sales of books. If a particular book, for example, in the kitchen, is selling very well-this is in part due to good marketing but it will also be because of the word of mouth to the people recommending the book to their friends, or their friends be impressed with the things I have learned from it. Books that highlight the social aspects such as situations in which nag at our consciences and compel us to do something, even if it is only to buy or not to buy certain goods, they may become very popular, and many of these books have made a difference in the who have inspired many people to change the way you think, and take action to help others. Diet books are often very popular, and many people choose to follow the diet described. There should be little evidence of that - apart from endorsement of the celebrity, for what it's worth - that the diets that really work , but people definitely change the way you eat, because of these books. Five or ten years down the track, however, most are forgotten or, at least, no real studies have been done to prove that they have worked with. If you can take a particular post as an example and post a question about this, you can get some informative answers.

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