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How many people read the Quran?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on February 10, 2020

A lot of people who read the Qur'an , as there is a large Muslim population in the world. A comprehensive 2009 demographic study of 232 countries and territories reported that 23% of the global population or 1.57 billion people are Muslims . Of those, 87-90% are Sunni and 10-13% are shi'a, with a small minority belonging to other sects. Approximately 50 countries are Muslim-majority, and Arabs account for around 20% of all Muslims in all over the world. Although the Arab world is often regarded as the heart of Islam, most Muslims live in Asia and Africa . Approximately 62% of the world's Muslims live in Asia , with over 683 million adherents in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In the Middle East, the non-Arab countries as Turkey and Iran are the largest Muslim-majority countries; in Africa, Egypt and Nigeria have the most populous Muslim communities. According to a recent study in the united States, the people's Republic of China has the eighth highest Muslim population up to 65.3 million indviduals but other figures show only 20 million. Islam is the second largest religion of the Christianity in many European countries, and is slowly catching up to the situation in the Americas and Australia.

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