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How many people get scholarships?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on May 5, 2018

It is very difficult to obtain an exact number of how many people receives scholarship money because there are so many different sources of grants and scholarships for the university'sstudents. It is safe to say that A large number of students who receive some type of scholarship money. Just one example of this is the Pell Grant Department of Education of EE.UU.. The U.S. Department of Education estimates that in 2010 that "$36.5 billion in Pell grant money was paid to approximately 8.9 million undergraduate students in fiscal year (FY) 2010/2011." However, this does NOT mean that all of the 8.9 million students received the maximum of $5,500 that students are able to receive IF they qualify for the full amount. In fact, it is very likely that a majority received some Pell Grant money, but not the maximum amount possible. Following is a link you can provide information about a variety of resources that can be found in a library or on the World Wide Web that can help you find scholarships that you may qualify for.

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