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How many atomic orbitals of each type mix to form hybrid orbitals of the central atom in cl2o?

Amanda Johnson

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on April 16, 2018

Here the Oxygen is the central atom. Makes two bonds with Cl and has two lone pairs. Since then, the form is bent, and the hybridization is sp3. Molecular geometry is a little different from hybridization. The hybridization depends on the number of links and pairs free. Since O has two bonds with Cl, its sp3 hybridization. It's like is this: 1 lone pair/link = s. 2 lone pairs link/ = sp 3 lone pairs/bonds = sp2, etc, molecular geometry, count the number of links and pairs free. This has two bonds and 2 lone pairs so that if they were all bonds, the molecule would be tetrahedral.

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