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How long does it take to read a page of text out loud?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on October 19, 2018

The task is a choice - it is Not necessary. It is the existence, at least in our time this is done to prepare for the test(s), the testing, the responsibilities in the future, etc Too homework should not be a problem because all of that should not be done. Put yourself in a situation in which we are very confident that getting an a on the math test. Your teacher could say: "I suggest that you do your homework, or things of the mind end up bad for you.". Keep in mind that this is a suggestion, since we are sure that you are going to get one at a time, doing their homework would be a waste of time. In some cases, your teacher will force you to do so, and that is different, more of an assignment. Not to be so sure of themselves when it comes to the test, doing homework in his free time, also known as the task is usually the best thing. This leaves us the question - we don't have a lot of homework? Well, the answer is simple. - Are you sure that you will get the brand you want? Skip, if you want to save time. - Not so confident? Study. - Do you want a high mark? Study. Simple as that. If we had to compile all of this, one might suggest that I'm saying that the people that don't do well in school the need to do all of their tasks, which may be true, but doing more in the school is based on our sub-conscious as well as the tasks, so that more school equals less to do at home. Just to make sure that I am not the main cause of students not doing their homework

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