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How long does it take to get a student visa?

I’m interested in going to study abroad this year. I’m thinking about summer courses, but I’m not sure yet. How long does it take to get a student visa? For example, if I apply for courses at the last minute, do I get enough time to get a visa? What is the student visa processing time? I have a few countries in mind including Canada, Australia, and the US. Which of them offers the best conditions? I’m also interested in the period of studies. How to extend student visa in case I want to continue my studies? If I decide to enroll for a full academic year, what do I do? Is extension possible anywhere?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 25, 2018

Applying for a visa is a process that most of us dread. We all worry about the results. What if I don’t get a visa? What documents should I provide? How long will I wait? All these questions are regular for any of us who have faced the process at least once. When you undergo any visa application, your next time will be calmer and more relaxed.

So, to help you find answers to all those questions that all newbies have, I’ll share with you what I know about student visas in the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

So, how long does it take to get a visa for students? I would say that about three weeks on average. Well, you also have to count that time you need to collect all necessary documents, schedule an appointment in an embassy, and wait for the interview. So, three weeks is just the processing time for a student visa. Overall, it is recommended to start your preparations about three months before your courses or school year. In some cases, a U.S. consular officer may tell you that your application requires further administrative processing. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get your visa. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

Australia and Canada student visa processing time may vary greatly. Usually, people apply for a study permit meant for people who come for a short period of time to attend courses. In some cases, it may take up to 8 weeks. Here is a list of documents you have to collect to apply for a study permit.

Australia is more similar to the U.S. in this aspect. Most applications are processed within 25 days. Sometimes, it takes up to 40 days. It is possible to prolong your stay in the country as well. So, how is student visa extended? Nearing the end of your visa, you have to apply for a new one the same way to have previously done. You cannot hold tow visas at a time, so the new one will replace your current terms. Extension of a student visa is possible for holidays, further studies, and migration.

Canada and the States have the same rules. You have to reapply while you are still in the country before your visa expires or shortly after.

In general, the student visa processing time for Australia and the U.S.A. are the same. Canada is a bit trickier depending on the country you come from.

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

I want to add a few details about the student visa extension. In some cases, Australia issues visa marked by a “No Further Stay” condition. This detail is always listed in the visa grant information, so I’ll easily find it. 

As for Canada, you have to extend your permit at least 30 days before it expires. Pay attention to the expiry date of your passport—you won’t be able to stay in the country after it. If you’ve missed the opportunity to extend your stay, you must leave Canada and apply for a visa the regular way. Remember that in case you finish your studies earlier than planned, you permit will automatically expire in 90 days. Extending your permit will also allow you to travel outside of the country and re-enter for further studies. As with most countries and applications, you can fill in the form online and complete the process remotely.

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