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How long does it take to get a bachelors in psychology if you have a associates degree?

Timothy Norman

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Blair Lewis on June 25, 2018

Answer 1: A bachelor's degree is a four-year degree with 120 semester credit hours. A bachelor's degree is a two-year degree with 60 semester credit hours. Someone with an associates degree, then I would have to go to school for two more years, and earn an additional 60 semester credit hours in order to obtain a bachelor's degree. Sadly, however, it might not be as easy as all that. If the institution that grants the degree of bachelor of science decides that something is missing in the associates degree, then some additional courses, too much makeup for whatever the degree of associated lacks, it might be necessary. The majority of undergraduate programs do not require a lot to add another year or anything like that; but it is very possible that a whole summer session's worth of additional courses may be necessary. With a little luck, however, the totality of the associates degree will count as the first two years of the bachelor's degree, and so, therefore, an additional period of two years is all that is going to take to get the bachelor's degree. .

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