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How long does it take to get a 2Nd bachelor degree?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

William Cain on January 14, 2019

Answer 1: In the united States, a four-year bachelor's degree consists of 120 semester credit hours (30 semester credit hours per year). Of those 120 semester credit hours, apapproximately 45 are used for what's called "lower division general education" (LDGE), and then another 30 to 40 years are in the major (for a total of 75 to 85 semester credit hours of the 120), leaving another 35 to 45 semester credit hours for general electives; and any of the additional courses in the major, or courses in a minor. A minor usually requires around 20 credit hours per semester, with a balance of 15 to 25 for general electives, and in some schools, 15 is barely enough general elective credits. In schools where only 15 would, however, then other 10 hours could be devoted to additional courses in the major, or minor, or both. If you are seeking a second bachelor's degree, none of the LDGE, or in general elective, or courses in a minor (or additional courses in the major) need to be re-taken; all courses count for the 2nd of bachelor. Only the courses of the 2nd bachelor's degree major -- approximately 30 to 40 credit hours per semester -- would have to be taken. So, then, in other words, it goes to full-time, it only takes about a year, or maybe a year and a half (or a year, plus a summer session or two) to get a second bachelor's degree. I could not more strongly recommend against that, though. Once you have a bachelor's degree at whatever level, always, always, always move on and up. Never hang around in the same level. If you insist on staying in the undergraduate level, then don't get a second bachelor's degree. Instead, seek a post-baccalaureate certificate, or, better yet, a postgraduate certificate (assuming that the single could be a requirement for entry into the latter program). Even better than any of that, however, would be to go ahead and get your masters. That, by far, is the best move. .

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