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How long does it take for a trustee to refund your tax refund after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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Victoria Fowler on July 27, 2018

The tax refund goes bankrupt. If the chapter 7 filing did not exempt the refund, the money will be used to pay to the trustee and to pay his debts pro rata. That is, each creditor gets an amount equal to the percentage of the debt is the total debt. You probably are not going to get anything, but if all the debts are paid 100 per cent, and the trustee shall not be entitled to more money, the balance will be paid to you. The trustee has decided what is going to do. If you have an attorney, s/he should speak with the manager. You can also speak with the manager or your case manager. I doubt that you will get a refund, but be sure to be at the top of the issue and get notices of any manager movements with respect to these funds.

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