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How is Vajiram and Ravi for IAS coaching?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

James Washington on October 18, 2018

Hello, I am Vimal. I was a student at Vajiram in their last batch, inSociology and GS. And, I left it half way. I wish I would have followed theadvice of my seniors and only bought their study material andstudied in some other place. Now, I leave this institute after havingwasted so much time and money only to start all over again.

There is No doubt that Vajiram has an extensive study material, but all ofthat is copy and pasted, as is, in the great length of ncertbooks. Their classroom coaching is absolutely of no helpwhatsoever. It is extremely difficult to follow and understand what is taught in their classes. The proffs to recite the things that I guessonly understand or those students who have appeared atexaminations at least 3 times. No matter how hard all of us (me anda a few friends) tried to cope with ourselves, all our attempts failed.
Vajiram Ravi has bogus classes. I suggest anyone who is preparingfor the first time should not even think of studying there. In is best, buy their study material and study by yourself.

It was so silly of me to have fallen for these independent andrandom bloggers who recommend Vajiram classes. Now that I'm going backand read the articles and blogs I feel so stupid. For example, oneblogger on the internet writes as if he knows everything about allcoaching classes. He subtly makes a mockery of all the other coaching centresand tips to go to Vajiram for all your needs. Now, that ispossible only if it had been a continuous preparation for civilservices during the last 10 years, and had studied in all the coachingcentres and therefore knows about their strengths and weaknesses.What a farce!!
To all IAS aspirants, share this knowledge with all. And I haveonly one to learn to share from my experience - do not fall forrandom advice on the internet of people who have no credibility. Useyour own mind and research for yourself.

All the best for all of us, it is most probably CSAT from 2011.
Agree with you. Junior of the faculty. Anyone is welcome to teach there.All the young people of the faculty.

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