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How is the NYU continuing education program?

I am currently looking to further my education. I am keen on Public Relations, Web Design, Graphic Design and well, simply a wide range of things. I went through the NYU site and was perusing the majority of their adult education training section. I was thinking of taking a Bachelors' in English, but I wouldn’t like to limit myself. I would rather take different adult learning courses that work well together. So, as for the NYU continuing education program, do I need some previous training or prerequisite certifications like a degree or anything higher than a high school diploma? Also, do you get a certificate toward the finishing of the courses you chose?  Has anybody taken education for adults courses in the Continuing Education program? How was it?  Is it so hard to get into any of these programs? Would you recommend it? Lastly, are the certificates offered as prestigious as the ones for the regular NYU?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 16, 2018

When I went to NYU, I was inspired by their thorough programs. The majority of my associates had a profession path, yet for a few, they experienced rigorous training to put them on a happier path with more noteworthy comprehension of graphic design. The ones who remained in their chosen ways built up a wealthier range of abilities to bring into their second year. I trust despite everything they take after this model and aren't as too computerized. Thus, you are not only joining it for certificates, once you get started, you will realize that you gain so much more than what you initially intended. You not only get to sharpen your skills, but you gain the skills to be used in the work field.

As a result of their projects, I've been a performing visual planner since 2010 with a Doctorate in visual outlines. They served me to a great degree well. I'd recommend NYU adult education to anyone captivated by employment in visual expressions and outline. What's more, NYU is the point of convergence of the realistic and web architecture universe, a veritable assortment of things to pick up from. In addition, my sister also took a similar program at NYU various years earlier and liked it. NYU has a better than average reputation.

Continuing education at NYU links straightforwardly to the standards of NYU’s establishing, with its emphasis on giving a sound and reasonable adult training and education fitting for all and thoughtfully open to all.

It is very easy to get into NYU learning courses for adults aside from the generally small number that has excess enrollment. Additionally, there are no prerequisite requirements for admission except fee payment. So, even with your high school diploma, you can still enroll, pay for the classes, and you are good to go.

The courses offered are non-credit, but you are given a grade. You have to get a B or higher for you to be given a certificate.  The certificates you get hold as much water as the regular school certificates. The School of Continuing and Professional examinations at NYU is a school inside the University. It holds just as much weight. The school likewise offers a few undergrad programs.  However, you still have a chance to get into a regular university, pursue a bachelors degree so that together, you have a higher competitive advantage when job hunting.

The School of Continuing and Professional examinations are intended for grown-up students and working grown-ups who are looking degrees with a useful focus. Your degree will state New York University, so don't worry.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I concur with you. I might want to include that numerous college graduates are bound to take low paying employment given the field of study that they picked. Education does not mean only a degree from a four-year school. It implies being educated and possessing information. If I had it to do once more, I would, after secondary school, enroll in the best  NYU adult learning courses and exchange school that I could find and figure out how to be a gifted, skilled worker. Maybe a talented, skilled worker in a few regimens. This is my own thought and what I accept would satisfy my necessities and wants. On the off chance that I needed to join the military on account of my financial position and exploit educative advantages offered by the veterans organization later, that is precisely what my course to notoriety and fortune would be. The long-lasting social insurance advantage is additionally a thought.

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