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How is the education in America?

I am a freshman at a university in Germany. We are going through a unit on the American education system. In this regard, our professor gave us an assignment about education in America. One of the components we have to look at is the values of education in the US. Also, our instructor requires us also to explain why schooling is important to American citizens. In conjunction to this, I read in the higher education news that this year alone, American universities received over ten thousand international students. Coupled with this fact is the fact that most international students prefer taking their second and third degree in the US. This fact alone has made American universities popular. Can some help me find more facts about this education system?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 4, 2018

It is very true that most international students have a higher preference for American institutions in regard to higher education. I have encountered some of the people who have schooled in America, and they claim that American institutions have a high reputation in their mother nations. This means that the value of education in the US is comparatively higher. The federal government of America goes an extra mile to ensure that their students’ education is well funded. Their unique and efficient funding programs are also another factor that attracts foreigners. Further, most of the universities in America have a wide cultural diversity. The education administrators and the federal government know why school is important. Learning institutions are, therefore, obliged to offer excellent support facilities to international students. Such support facilities are meant to help them catch up with their American peers. For example, American institutions offer numerous workshops and orientation services to freshmen. Besides the workshops, there are English learning courses that are quite flexible. Instructors in American institutions create a conducive learning environment hence making their education system special.

American education offers students a wider variety of subject choices to natives and international learners alike. Before you commence learning, American institutions require you to first familiarize yourself with their system of learning. By understanding their system, your student life becomes easy. Now, let me give a glimpse of the structure of the American education system. Schooling in America starts at primary school level. Before joining higher education, students undergo basic and compulsory education. Primary and secondary education takes twelve years of learning. Children begin primary school education at the age six. This level of learning is referred to as elementary school. Upon completing this level, they graduate to secondary school. American secondary education is divided into junior, middle and senior high school. According to the agency on higher educational news, students are awarded a diploma or a certificate after completing high school education. After graduating from the 12 th grade, American students join college or university. Some American citizens use the term higher education to refer to the latter. Higher education takes four years with finalists being given a bachelor degree. The four years in the university are popularly known as undergraduate studies. In the US, students are free to choose between studying at a community college or university.

Within the first two years in university, students take general/ prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses consist of a wide array of subjects such as literature, science, social science, arts, and history. These general subjects equip learners with general knowledge. For those who opt for a community college are awarded an Associate of Arts. After this, students can transfer to a four-year college or university where they specialize in one field. After undergraduate studies, some students decide to pursue a Master’s degree which lasts for two to three years. The final level is doctorate level which takes three to five years.

Eric Bates2 years ago

I borrow the sentiments of the previous user. I also admire the superb quality offered by the US system of education. One of the things I like about their education is the wide variety of courses and learning programs. This is why most of the young international students dream of studying and living in America. This fact is evidenced by the high number of scholarship and green card lottery annual applications. I wish other countries can borrow a leaf from America. According to higher education news, some of the top-ranked universities in the US include Stanford, Yale, Harvard among others. Although borrowing some of the features of the US education is a good idea, other countries should be selective in what they decide to borrow. Before borrowing a leaf, experts in education should first discern what suits their context. This is because blind borrowing can make the situation worse instead of better.

Noel Byrda year ago

I like education in America because its offer of study programs is definitely a lot larger than in other countries. What I like most about it is that it welcomes many international students and that creates an environment full of cultural diversity that is very difficult to find in other parts of the world. This cultural richness makes us remember why schooling is important. It is a source of knowledge, yes. But it also helps us develop our social skills by approaching different cultures and exchanging points of view on different topics.  

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