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How is literacy a theme of the novel to kill a mockingbird?

Kevin Sutter

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on January 10, 2018

Lee includes the incident in Chapter 12 when Calpurnia brings the children to church, and Scout and Jem are fascinated by the mannerin which the members of the church to sing their songs (not by words in ahymnbook). When I ask Cal about this, she explains to children that the majority of the members of the church do not know how to read;so they have to repeat what is modeled for them in order to sing.Cal tells Jem and Scout, who taught his son to read byborrowing books of your head of years. This conversationillustrates several truths. In the first place, Lee demonstrates that if human beings, no matter what race, I want to know how to read and write, he will do so, even if itmeans having to develop ingenious ways to achieve your goal.In the second place, Lee demonstrates that for someone to be moraland decent, he or she does not necessarily have to be able to read and write.

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