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How is home school tutoring conducted?

Do I have to take my child through primary school tutoring? Does she have to follow a set curriculum? What if I decide to have my child stay at home and have them homeschooled would my child still get the same benefits as the one who attends school? Again, if I choose to train my child on my own without hiring a tutor, would it be alright? Is there a policy that governs home school tutoring? Who will find me a tutor to provide high standard education to make sure my child fits into the society after the home tutoring? How will it be if he will not be having academic papers like the other children?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 5, 2018

All over the world, education is a basic need and also a legal requirement. Children have a right to education but it is not illegal to choose not to take a child through primary school teaching.It is impossible for parents to be forced to take their child to school as long as they are getting the required education but if the government perceives that the child is not getting good education, then the parent will be forced to take that child to school.

A parent may choose home school learning for her child for the following reasons:

  • Theoretical or religious purposes.
  • Following a family trend where even the parents were homeschooled.
  • A child who requires special attention.
  • Refusal of a child to attend school because of bullying.
  • If a parent is not able to secure a place at the school he wants for the child.
  • When there is no good school available in the neighborhood.
  • If a child is sick.
  • When a parent is always on the move.

Guide to homeschooling success.

  • Be a teacher to your children having in mind it is an honor and a noble idea: teaching your children in an environment full of respect and positive motivation.
  • Cheer up in every session of learning: be in the subject you are teaching them.
  • Make sure whatever you will use during the lesson are within reach: be organized in a way that you know where you keep all the materials you use for the lessons.
  • Create an environment free of destruction: Switch off all electronic devices that may be a distraction.
  • Let your child’s mood be in order during the lesson: ensure that the child is jovial, full and not tired during the lesson.
  • Do not bore the child by prolonging the lessons: if your child says he got the point, believe him and go to the next one.
  • Keep every promise that you make in regards to any progress the child makes. Do not promise anything that you will not deliver.

If you choose to find a tutor, the following are traits to look out for:

  • Patience: a tutor must be willing to go through a lesson over and over again without getting tired.
  • A good listener: a teacher must really listen to his students and understand what they are saying. No pretense whatsoever.
  • Kind: a teacher must be real for a child will always know if a grown-up is faking something.

Eric Batesa year ago

Before you choose to take your child through home school tutoring, think really hard about the future of the child. If you know you cannot deliver quality education that will be beneficial to the child, look for a tutor or better still, take them through primary school tutoring. Do not subject your child to public humiliation in the future because you took up a responsibility you could not deliver. If you want them to sit for the national exam, do not take chances; let a qualified professional take them through the learning process. This will ensure they will be as prepared as the children who attend normal schools. A child’s input should also be considered before embarking on home school learning. Ask her what she feels comfortable with so that the child will not stand up to you in future and blame you if anything goes wrong. Remember it is his life, explain why you have chosen that form of schooling, giving the pros and cons and then leave the child to decide what he prefers.

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