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How important is the PSI exam to a graduate looking for employment?

I’m a recent graduate with a bit of volunteer and internship experience. I’m skeptical of sending my resume and actually getting an interview with a potential employer because I’ve heard that they may put me through an actual practical experience before or after the interview and I’m scared as hell that I may not pass the tests. Through a little research, I’ve come across PSI international which markets itself as working with many companies, government agencies and academic institutions. Do they offer job skill tests that are useful?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on January 18, 2018

The PSI employability exam like any other employment prep exam is an important place to try and gauge your employability. An employer may ask you to take it, but even if they don’t I would advise that you take the exam. The Job Test Preparation is administered across various disciplines. PSI offers job preparation courses, with its own testing platform online and a physical testing center. They also focus on situational judgement simulations and they aim to put you in real life working situations. I’ve taken the test myself and it takes you to the ‘hot seat’ if you know what I mean.

PSI international company really helps graduates and others looking for employment a lot to say the least. I’ve been through their oral interviews, their written exams and their logical and practical simulations, and though difficult, I feel like I couldn’t have gotten my current job if it weren’t for the PSI. The beauty of PSI is the fact that it draws from a large number of employment fields which means that they have a pretty good idea what an employer will need. However, their customer service is terrible at best. Before you order or schedule you’ll probably be made to wait for minutes, even hours and the back and forth is something they should have addressed long ago. They offer job skill testing including personality testing which I took. You should probably take a look at the specific package from PSI that you feel would help you. If your employer needs you to take the test, you’d rather practice first because PSI doesn’t review final results.

You can get practice tests on the PSI website in a wide range of job types, and I’m not sure what kind of career line you’re going into. However, PSI covers most career types you’ll come across. Also, when PSI returns your answers, they give you a comparison of what answer you picked and compare that against the correct answer. I have taken an employer test at one of their ATLAS centers, which can seem quite intimidating at first. You can better prepare yourself by taking these practice tests online and then see how you can progress from there. Mind you, they offer a wide range of training categories including psychometrics, which basically tells them what role you’d fit in best and what kind of a worker you might be.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

The PSI exam is probably one of the most used job preparation tests you’ll find globally. I however have to voice my dislike for their service in general. The concept is great, which is prepping you for future employment, in line with the employer’s needs and your skills. But other than that, sometimes you get the feeling that they are totally in this for money. I’ve once gone to one of their centers to take the exam and unfortunately, their system was down. I had to go back and forth for a few days until finally I was able to sit for the exam. Even after the hustle, I still failed and they didn’t give me any explanations why. I think they should have a bit more clarity when giving people their results. Also, their customer service is terrible. It gets frustrating sometimes being forced to take the PSI exam.

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